Jumat, 09 September 2016

About Us

The Shadow Hunters, 

That's what we called our group. We are just 8 ordinary girls who are best friends and live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We're are on 6th grade and studied at a primary school called SD Joannes Bosco. 
We will tell you why this group are made but, before that , we will inform you the members of the shadow hunters. First of we start from the sassy and the I don't cared one. We have Angelique Jennifer which is mean that is me and you can called me Jenn if you want and the second one, we have the adorable one Aileen Abigail Alexandra or you can just call her Leen if you think that her name is quite hard to spell. And the third one, we have the wise one Agustina Ana Maria Ramona Putri or you can call her as Mona or Muna (That's what I called her) or even just Mon. The fourth one, we got the defender of truths in the group or you will known as Asima Rohana Panjaitan or you just can call her as Asima. The fifth one we have the cute and shy one which is happen to be Grace Theola Christy Wibowo or you just can call her as Grace, Geyes or Geges ( That's what we called her). Sixth, we have the lovable one, Naylla Putri Yudica or you can call her Nay or Naya. Seventh, we have the one who can socialize with music quickly, Elizabeth Tiara Maharani or you can call her Eliz. And the last one, the slow-minded one, Rachell Rania or you can call her as Jovin (I don't know where she got her named as Jovin, by the way)

So, as I promise you all earlier, I will tell you why this group are made.
Everyone in our school and even in our class always ask us why we make this group. And we will answer it in this blog.

We create this group because of an unexpected story in our school toilet (It's not something dirty). So, that time Me, Naya, Aileen, Grace, Jovin, Eliz and the others member of The Shadow Hunters (Except, Mona and Asima because Mona is already in the class while Asima is on her hometown a.k.a Sumatra to visit her family) is about to changing our Sports Uniform into our school uniform in a toilet until we heard a sound from the next cabin of our toilet and at first, we thought it was Mr. Bagyo, the school cleaner and keeper. But, after we ask to Mr. Bagyo about that mysterious 'voice', he said that wasn't him because he is on the canteen from the time that school start which is mean at 7.10 in the morning. And then after that little accident, we decided to make this group. At first this group was named 'Ghost Hunter' but, after we think again, we decided to change the group name into 'The Shadow Hunter'. FYI, we're not copying the shadow hunter television series because we didn't realize that we named our group as same as that television series. And that's how 'The Shadow Hunters was formed'.

We have our own promise to each others, which is now is happen to be our motto.
"If there is one member who is involved in one problem, we all will be in that problem too."

We all are the out-going person, the peace lovers, the teamwork lovers and else.
So, if you want to know us more, just keep reading and stay tune on the next post!

Best Regards,
Angelique Jennifer
The sassy and the I don't cared one.